About Professor Revenko

Revenko Alexander Nickolaevich

Revenko A.N.

Alexander Nickolaevich Revenko Was born in Rostov-on-Don (Russia) in January 4, 1954, accommodation Moscow, Russia.

In 1971 – 1977 studied medicine in Rostov Medical Institute, then specialized in neurology and psychotherapy.

In 1978 started working with ZAO OKB “RITM” (the sole international producer of Scenar and Rista devices and Healing blanket), the leading author in the Scenar patent team (read section “Scenar History”).

In 1990 holds the first Scenar Therapy seminar in Vilnius, Europe and creates a prototype of a future Scenar Academy.

In 1992 starts a course of regular teaching Scenar therapy seminars, for which was created a philosophy for new medical technology, the theory of FPS (Functional-Pathalogical Systems), first teaching programs and techniques for the Scenar device.

In 1993 the team joins a young IR doctor Yuri Victorovich Gorfinkel and becomes a senior teacher as well as the creator of his own philosophy and healing techniques.

In 1998 took place the first International Seminar in Nassau, Bahamas. In the same year co-operation with the Department of non-medicamental methods of treatment of Sechenov Medical Academy of Moscow .

In 2000 Scenar teaching program was approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia.

The main contribution of Pr. Revenko in medicine is the creation of a new medical technology – Scenar therapy with its own philosophy, theory of FPS and treatment method. He created a new, extraordinary system of Scenar medicine, which allows practitioners and students to see health, disease and healing in a new way.



1990 The beginning of teaching Scenar therapy (Vilnius, Europe and Kiev, Ukraine)
1992 Regular training seminars on Scenar therapy for doctors and Scenar practitioners in Russia. Teaching in Holland (Cosmed International), in London (British Medical Association). The organization of seminars in Austria (Enerbalans) for doctors worldwide.
1996 - current Training Scenar teachers for outside Scenar seminars.
2000 German Scenar Academy (Augsburg) was founded.
2005 Establishment of International Scenar Academy by A.Revenko (Moscow, Russia).

Alexander Revenko’s contribution to medicine