Education in SCENAR Academy

SCENAR Academy by professor A. Revenko has many different training programs.

Here you can see the list of topics we can bring to your clinic and practice, each one tailored to your unique needs.

We can also create all new, totally customized training at your request.

New seminars 2012

Special protocols for SCENAR self-treatments

Abdomen pain from neurological view

SCENAR support for stroke patients

SCENAR therapy of depression

New seminars 2011

Child pain

Neurological pain

Cosmetology for home users and home SCENAR’s

SCENAR in gynecology

SCENAR and quantum medicine

New topics in 2009 - 2010

New Workshops:

1. SCENAR 911:

2. SCENAR vet:

3. Combination of SCENAR and SPA in cosmetology:

4. SCENAR in sport medicine:

5. Electrodes in SCT, special protocols:

6.SCT of scoliosis:

7.SCENAR stress management:

Here are some of our more popular topics

Level 1. "Beginning course"

- New medical technology - SCENAR therapy

        - Holistic principles of SCENAR therapy

        - Physics - impulse peculiarities

        - Device (basics: structure, on/off, basic setting, Energy)

        - Principles

    1. Here and now
            2. Zones and regimes of influence
            (local, reciprocal, segmental, horizontal, general)
            3. Vector
            4. Dynamic (stability)
            5. Asymmetry – small asymmetry
            6. Combination and alternation
            7. Opposition and cycle
            8. Optimization and economy

- Patient responses

- Blanket

Level 2. "Beginning course"

- Settings
           a) Energy level
           b) Frequency
           c) Amplitude Modulation
           d) Damphing
           e) Intensity + Gap
           f) Combinations: FM, SW, FM/Var
           g) BEE
           h) Diag 1 - IR, DR, Dose, Speed, Zero, Co-efficiency

- General zones
            a) Types and routes (parts)
            b) Vector of influence
            c) Principle higher

- Zones of common complaints
             Neck Rings
             Small Wings
             Christmas tree
             Kidney/ureter zone
             Heart zone

- Emergency principles in SCT

Level 3. "Advance level"

- Holistic Medicine

- Healing principles of holistic medicine

- Healing rules (Hering, Vithoulkas, Reckeweg)

- Holographic principles

- Energy/Informational methods

- Informational Cleansing

- Small / large crosses

- Running wave

- Spirals and Chakra’s therapy

- Meridian’s methods

- Vaccination

- Anti Pain methods

Level 4. "Digital methods"

- On general zones
             All higher
             Horizontal Troika
             Measure of reaction
             SCENAR rules

- On Local zones:
             Small cross
             Simple 3’s

Level 5. "Master Class, 1-st level"


-Mary and Michle,


- British flag,


- Steering wheel,

-Sympathetic and Parasympathetic vaccinations,

-Elena, Saint Elena,

-Multi-Color Sympathicus,





Level 6. "Master Class, 2-nd level"

-    Accord

-    Pyramid

-    Kundalini

-    Triple Cross

-    Opposition

-    Power Triangles

-    Limb Stars

-    Penetrate Monad

-    Snake Rings

-    David Stars

-    Scale

-    World of Silence

-    Harmony of soul

The Course "RISTA-diagnostics in SCENAR-therapy"

Cosmetology course

"SCENAR therapy of different types of pain"

-    history, philosophy, scientific notions to pain

-    orthodox and alternative aspects of pain;

-    development of the scientific studies to pain;

-    different types of pain;

-    Principles of the designing of SCENAR procedure of pain

-    Special anti – pain methods at treatment:
                Carpal syndrome
                Tennis elbow
                Frozen shoulder
                Disk Hernia
                Myo-fascial pain
                Heart pain

-Anti-stress program

- Education through practice.

"Designing and planning of SCENAR course" ("Design of SCENAR course")

1. Concepts of energy - information medicine: health, adaptation, disease, healing laws

2. Principles of the building and designing of the procedures during SCENAR course: sequence of the choice of the methods following healing rules and hierarchy principles

3. Groups of the methods:

- drainage methods (cleaning methods, lymph drainage, excretion organ projection

- energy methods (meridians treatment, chakras methods, energy points, joints treatment, Kundalini methods)

- mental methods (craniotherapy, 6 points, monad method, mental triangles, mental spirals, 6 Points on the face and on the abdomen)

-adaptation system methods

- local treatments (new approach)

4.Princeples of the end of SCENAR course (energy ellipses , daily energy method, vaccinations)

5. Groups of the methods according theories of U-Sin, Yin - Yang, Rhythm, Daily energy flow

6. The Styles of decision making and designing of SCENAR procedures.

7. Education through practice

SCENAR neurology course