Chris Motensen: "I realised immediately
that Scenar is my vocation, all my life"

Chris Motensen

Education: Psychiatry Doctor
Working experience: 3 years
Residence: Australia

Address: PO BOX 859 Newport 2106 AUSTRALIA
Fax: +61-2-9999-4272

Motto: "The most important thing
in our life is what happens now"


- What has to happen to make a successful surfing trainer and experienced massager live everything behind for a small device named Scenar? What happened to you than, three years ago ?

- You know, I thought that I had a good life. I always liked sport and after the graduation I started working with sportsmen. For nine years of working as a massager and manual therapist I treated people with serious traumas and wounds. Of course I wanted to help everybody, kept looking for new information and found an advertisement about Scenar. I searched the Internet to find out more and when I saw and tried the device I realised straight away: "This is it!"

- Well, its a little hard to believe in this "straight away"

- Its like the first love. We get an experience whether its good or bad. My first patient was a ten years old girl with horrible scoliosis. When her back became strait in eight weeks of treatment it was a fairy tale, a miracle. I had no experience with Scenar at that moment! I could hardly believe it myself but the x-ray proved that Cinderella turned into a princess.

This case became very famous. More and more patients w ere coming, people started calling and arriving from other countries. It was a dramatic moment: I gave up massage and manual therapy, studied all levels of Scenar therapy in Sidney and England, founded a small Scenar centre with studies. Now I believe that Scenar is my vocation, a dream came true, my life. You are not going to believe it but sometimes I see Scenar in my dreams.

- Did you give up massage intently?

- It just happens that people coming to me want Scenar treatments instead of massage. Everything happened so fast. Ive started working with back pain, and then turned to more serious cases. And the licence gave us a chance to get into "high" medicine, start multiple research. Doctors start using Scenar in hospitals in Australia.

- Do you work a lot ?

- Five days a week, ten to twelve hours a day. It means I have about ten patients a day.

- Do you treat everybody ?

- Of course. All they have to do is to come and say: I have pain. Pain (emotional or physical) is like a big umbrella. If its open than the person needs help. And I know how.

- Why did you come to this conference in Odessa?

- Well, first of all I wanted to find out about Scenar development in other countries. Secondly, I was desperately wanted to meet Sasha and Galina

- Why did you think you need to meet them?

- If you think we dont here about them in Australia, you shouldnt. Besides Im really interested in discussing techniques on the web site So I couldnt miss it.

- What question would you like to ask Sasha?

- I already did, actually. I wanted to find out about one technique. How he invents them anyway. Sasha impressed me with his profound knowledge and answered my question brilliantly on the Master-class. Im very happy.

- Chris, you look very excited Are you actually happy?

- Oh, yes! When I teach Scenar-technology in Australia people keep asking me: "Where did this come from? Where did that come from?" and now I can say I know that for sure instead of mumbling: "Well, the Russians have been doing it this way for twenty years" I know! I saw it! By the way when I come back from Odessa Ill be teaching a group of twenty people. It is the biggest class Ive ever had. It is obvious people get more and more interested in Scenar.

- Who are your students?

- Massagers, therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, nurses, gynaecologist, and one man, who is paralyzed down the waist. He is going to help himself with Scenar.

- Are you an optimist ?

- Yes, I am. It is a gift, so I must and will promote Scenar. No matter how difficult things become sometimes, I cheer up and keep working. But if someone told me that three years ago - I wouldve laughed.

- How did your family and friends take it ?

- My mother had breasts cancer three years ago. Thanks to Scenar she did need surgery.

- Did you treat her yourself ?

- Me, Scenar and Blanket. And we managed! And my father got rid of joint ache and now they are 75 and travelling, though they couldnt do it before because of health problems. My children come from school and ask me what is aspirin (Chris has two boy of 9 and 12.)

- What advice can you give to Scenar beginners ?

- Im a beginner myself but I always tell to people: "Just work. Results will come in their time. You have to learn". In one interview with Revenko I read that it takes at least two years to understand how Scenar works with the body. Now I came to realise that it was true. So I want Sasha to say that again in Australia. We are going to invite him and Galina this spring.


- You say that the most important thing in life is what happens here and now.

- Well, the best thing Ive learned from Scenar was to live here and now. "Now" is important.

- How do you find Ukraine ?

- This is my first visit. In two words: a cultural shock !

Interview Was taken By Helen Golovanova

SCENAR. Magazine For You 1(10) 2005.
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